The 3rd International APECS Online will take place tomorrow from 07:00-00:15 GMT the next day. For us here in South Africa that would be 09:00-02:15 SAST the next day. Don’t forget that a number of South African students and emerging researchers will be presenting at this conference so register for the conference today and show your support! Anché and Johan (both from Stellenbosch University), as well as Christel, Jenna and Nicola (from Rhodes University) will be presenting in Sessions 2 & 4. Information on the relevant presentations is provided below.


10:45-11:00 GMT (12:45-13:00 SAST)

Johan Viljoen. Stellenbosch University: The Benefits of Interdisciplinary Studies: a Biogeochemist’s Perspective

11:30-11:45 GMT (13:30-13:45 SAST)

Anché Louw. Stellenbosch University. Antarctic Legacy of South AfricaUsing the Antarctic Legacy of South Africa (ALSA) Project as a tool for Outreach in the form of Science Communication



17:00-17:15 GMT (19:00-19:15 SAST)

Christel Hansen, Jenna Knox and Nicola Wilmot. Rhodes University. Landscape Processes in Antarctic EcosystemsCommunicating Polar Research in South Africa

If you have not done so yet you can still register as an audience member to tune in to any of these presentations or any of the other presentations on offer. The conference is free and anyone can join – you only need to have an Internet connection.



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