The NRF has opened its call for the Freestanding, Innovation, and Scarce Skills Postdoctoral Fellowships (FISS). Applications close 6 July 2017 and must be completed online through Freestanding postdoctoral fellowships amount to a maximum of R215 000 per annum, with Innovation and Scarce Skills postdoctoral fellowship amounting to R320 000 each. You may also apply to complete your postdoc overseas. More information is available on the NRF website or click here for the application funding guide and here for framework.

Free-Standing Postdoctoral Fellowships are encouraged for the following fields:

  •  Natural Sciences;
  • Engineering;
  • Technology;
  • Social Sciences; and
  • Humanities.


Innovation Postdoctoral Fellowship are encouraged in the following fields:

  •  Biotechnology;
  •  Cellular and Molecular Biology;
  •  Engineering;
  •  Computer science;
  •  Physics;
  •  Astronomy;
  •  Mathematical Sciences;
  •  Nanotechnology;
  •  Chemistry;
  •  Earth Science;
  • Ecology;
  • Medical sciences;
  •  Social Sciences; and
  •  Humanities.


Scarce Skills Postdoctoral Fellowships are encouraged for the following fields:

  • Management: Financial Management
  • Financial sector: Accounting, Auditing, Statistics, Actuarial Science
  • Biological sciences: Biotechnology
  • Physical sciences: Mathematical Sciences, Physics, Geology, Computer Science, Information systems, Chemistry
  • Engineering: All fields of Engineering
  • Sector specific: Agricultural Sciences, Transportation Studies, Tourism, Demography


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