The Marion Island Marine Mammal Programme, University of Pretoria, has just opened the application call for Field Research Assistants (2 x sealers and 1 x killer whaler) for 2018 – 2019. If you are interested in pursuing a career in marine mammology, this might be for you…

Read the advertisements carefully though…if you are not willing to work under extreme physical and weather conditions, walk thousands of kilometers in your gumboots (often to the detriment of your feet) and work with fierce and sometimes dangerous animals, then don’t apply. Also, note that this work will be done on a remote island, with only approximately 20 other people living on the island with you for the year. A lot of the sealer work is also done alone, so if isolation is not your forte, consider this carefully.

However, should you apply and you are successful in getting the job, also be prepared for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience! You will work extremely hard, but it will be some of the most satisfying work you’ll every do in your life!! You will get to witness the island’s entire life cycle…through the cold and dark winter when there is not much happening on the island…to the bustling summer breeding season where everything comes alive…coming full circle into winter again when the ship comes around again to bring the next team. If you are a hard-worker with a true passion for marine mammals, with a lot of grit and determination, then I can’t think of one single reason for you NOT to apply…

Follow the link below for the advertised posts…




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