An international field geo-cryological course for students and young scientists (PhD, Master’s, Bachelor’s) is set to be held in late July/early Aug 2018 at the Kodar ridge in Zabaikalsky krai, Russia by the Industrial University of Tyumen (Department for Earth Cryology, Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Production). The course will focus on low-temperature cryolithozone permafrost phenomena within mountainous regions.



Stage 1: 4-5 days: gathering of participants in Tyumen, placement on the campus of ‘The Nest’ Natural-Rehabilitation Complex; a cycle of introductory lectures and familiarization with landscapes in the vicinity of Tyumen and historical places.

Stage 2: 3-4 days: transfer by direct train from Tyumen to the Severobaikalsk station (about 2 days), daytime stop on the shore of the lake Baikal, an inspection of this unique lake.

Stage 3: 4-5 days: transfer by direct train to the New Chara station (half a day) and the study of unique geocryological objects in the valley of the Chara river.

Stage 4: 6-7 days: trip by a cross-country transport to high-mountain geocryological objects of the field school, and their study by travelling through the mountain-pedestrian routes.

Stage 5: 3 days: return to Tyumen and participants’ departure.



Languages of instruction: Russian and English.

Registration deadline: 1 March 2018

Registration fee for Internationals: Approximately 700 Euros

Registration fee for Russians: 30 000 rubles

*The registration fee includes payment of all expenses from the moment of arrival to Tyumen until departure from it, including:

  1. Accommodation and meals on the campus of ‘The Nest’ Natural-Rehabilitation Complex;
  2. Transfer by train on the route Tyumen–Severobaikalsk–Novaya Chara and back;
  3. Transport and support at the site of field practice;
  4. Meals in the field stages of the course;
  5. Excursions and cultural and information events;

Requirements for participants:

  1. Participants independently apply for visas, insurance and tickets to Tyumen and back– the necessary letters of invitation will be sent upon request.
  2. Participants should have proper health condition for working in the field in the mountains.
  3. Participants should have their own personal equipment for working in mountainous conditions. The rest of the equipment is provided by the organizing committee.





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