The Department of Physical Geography of Stockholm University invites applicants to a 4-year fully funded PhD focusing on the mapping of permafrost landforms and soils.

PhD Project Description

The goal is to combine fieldwork and high resolution remote sensing to characterize and map landforms and soils of coastal permafrost stream catchments.

PhD Position

This position is announced within the European project Nunataryuk (see Stockholm University is workpackage leader for terrestrial permafrost where one of the goals will be to characterize and map landforms and soils of small coastal permafrost stream catchments. Together with research from other Nunataryuk partners, these results will be used to quantify permafrost thaw-impacts on lateral fluxes of sediments, organic matter, nitrogen and contaminants into the aquatic realm.

Applicant Minimum Requirements / Skills

  • Experience in GIS;
  • Experience in remote sensing;
  • Experience in soil science;
  • Experience in geomorphology;
  • Fieldwork experience or experience from working with Arctic environments.  Ability to deal with complex logistical issues, challenging field conditions; and
  • Will have to spend a substantial amount of time abroad

Closing date is 5 February 2018. For more information see: or contact Gustaf Hugelius at


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