[AnTERA] PhD Fellowship on alien species in terrestrial ecosystems of the Antarctic.

There is currently a call for candidates for a 4-years PhD thesis contract associated to the research project ANTECO (CGL2017-89820-Pon “Biogeography and ecophysiology in native and non-native micro-arthropods in Antarctic environments: a multi-scale approach”, funded by Spanish Research Agency. For more on this opportunity please click here.

PhD opportunity on predictability of Southern Ocean Carbon uptake.

Another opportunity for PhD studies is currently offered by the Climate Prediction Group at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. The deadline for applications is 29th of October 2018. Please contact predoctoral@bsc.es before October 18th 2018 with your academic record to check if you meet the eligibility criteria and to receive help throughout the application process. Assistance to non-Spanish speakers will be provided. For more on this opportunity please click here.

Byrd Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center (BPCRC) of The Ohio State University announces the 2019 Byrd Fellowship Program for Postdoctoral Researchers.  The deadline for applications is 31st of January 2019. Applicants should visit the BPCRC website at bpcrc.osu.edu and contact specific members of the Byrd Center prior to submitting their application to discuss possible projects and determine how their proposed research will complement existing BPCRC programs which cover a wide range of disciplines. For more on this opportunity please click here.


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