Have you ever heard of the Ice Flows game? It is a great game, available free to download though the App Store for Mac OS or Google Play store for Android. The game is designed to inform and teach players the effects of climate change on the Antarctic ice sheet and glaciers. Already available since 2016, as of yesterday there are also 5 explainer videos available. Voiced by a group of international scientists, South Africa was able to contribute to this effort through Christel Hansen. Our National Committee Chair helped voice one of the videos (Climate Change & Sea Levels). And of course, one of the characters from the game is named after our research station in Antarctica – SANAE.

For more on the game please read the press release of visit the website at http://iceflowsgame.com. If you’re on twitter, the game is on @iceflowsgame and use the hashtag #iceflowsgame.


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