I would like to introduce your new APECSSA National Committee. Having served as your Chair since January 2017, we now have a new Chair, two new Co-Chairs, as well as new members. At the same time we are saying good-bye (and a heartfelt thank-you!) to three of our National Committee members.

Liezel Rudolph took over as Chair on 1 July, as did Heather Forrer and Johan Viljoen as Co-Chairs. I remain as Ex-Officio, to assist the new leadership in their roles. The remainder of our new National Committee is made up of Cam Kotze, Clare Earys, Ehlke de Jongh, Isabelle Giddy, Liezl Pretorius, Luca Stirniman, and Marcel du Plessis. With Liezel, Heather and Johan at the helm and the assistance of the new NC members, I believe that APECSSA will continue to be a success! For more on our members please have a look at our National Committee page.

I and APECSSA would also like to express our gratitude for the services rendered by Marius Rossow (who is the current team leader of the overwintering Marion Island year team), Rosie Olson, and Zandria Jordaan. Without their dedication and commitment the last APECSSA National Committee would not have been the success it was.

Cheers and all the best!

Christel Hansen (outgoing APECSSA Chair)


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