In celebration of September International Polar Week, we as APECSSA (with input from many others) are proud to release our travel guide – your one-stop-resource for attending international (or local) conferences, as well as travelling down South to Antarctica or the Islands. It is ram-packed with lots of info, hints, tips and tricks from what to expect onboard the S.A. Agulhas II, living at Marion base, or SANAE IV, to what to pack and what to look out for. If you are one of the few adventurous souls that will spend a year on Marion Island or SANAE IV then be sure to read our overwintering advice! And remember-this is a guide only and not set-out rules. Compiled by ECRs that have spent significant time on SANAP trips, the guide is aimed at helping the inexperienced ECR navigate his or her journey on the S.A. Agulhas II, or their time at any of the SANAP bases.

We hope you will find the guide not only interesting to read but also a great resource. Check lists to help you prepare for your journey are provided in the guide or available as separate downloads from our website.

Have we missed anything or would you like to contribute? Then send us an email as


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