We held an online workshop on 15 September. Videos of the sessions are now available. APECSSA would again like to thank all speakers and sponsors. We could not have done this without you!

  • Session 1: Antarctic Policy by Steven Chown
  • Session 2: Plotting Your Research Career by David Hedding, Bettine van Vuuren, Seb Swart
  • Session 4: The NRF by Tracy Klarenbeek
  • Session 5: Grant Writing by Ian Meiklejohn
  • Session 6: Article Writing by Werner Nel
  • Session 7: Data Management by Anne Treasure
  • Session 8: SANAP Programmes by Ria Olivier
  • Session 9: Student-Supervisor Relations by Isabelle Ansorge
  • Session 10: APECSSA Travel Guide by Liezel Rudolph
  • Session 11: Social Media by Kolisa Sinyanya
  • Session 12: Transformation (Ocean Womxn) by Katye Altieri
  • Session 13: Work-Life Balance by Werner Nel

The full playlist is available to watch here.


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