The SOOS Southern Ocean Weddell Sea and Dronning Maud Land Sector Regional Working Group (WS-DML RWG is looking for an ECR to join then as their APECS representative. The successful applicant will have working knowledge of observational research of the Southern Ocean with a particular interest in the Weddell Sea and Dronning Maud Land. The APECS representative will attend RWG meetings, and be responsible for assisting with data collection, curation, and reportage, and will be an important link in liaising between APECS and SOOS. Questions on this position should please be directed at Alyce Hancock (

The position will be for 2 years and non-salaried, but there will be travel reimbursement for attending one meeting if the working group holds a meeting during your term, and potential for co-authorship of publications. To apply, you need to be an early career researcher (up to 5 years past PhD) and have a research background that fits the focus of the group. To apply send your CV and statement of interest & research background (1 page long), your motivation in joining the working group, your thoughts on how you can contribute to the group and how this would benefit your career to by 15th December 2020.


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