This year’s 7th edition of the APECS Online Conference will be held 12 May 2021. The conference is entirely online and this year’s theme is Polar Science: Success Stories from the Field and from Home.

The theme is designed to encourage contributions from those whose research has been impacted by Covid-19 and had to develop new directions with their research. It also acknowledges that some were able to carry out fieldwork, and so also gives a space for them to showcase their research. The conference will be an opportunity for new research to be presented and connections to be made across polar research. After what has been a difficult year for everyone around the world, we would like to celebrate and learn from your stories related to the polar and alpine regions that happened in 2020. We hope to hear both success stories and stories of learning from failure. The ultimate goal of the project is to unite the ECR community in a collegial and learning experience organized under the 7th annual APECS Online Conference.

Submit your abstracts by 31 March.


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