Three new Scientific Research Programmes have started under the auspices of SCAR. These are Integrated Science to Inform Antarctic and Southern Ocean Conservation (Ant-ICON), INStabilities and Thresholds in ANTarctica (INSTANT); Near-term Variability and Prediction of the Antarctic Climate System (AntClimNow). More information on the existing SRPs is available on the SCAR website or have a look at the documents attached here. There are many opportunities for South African researchers to participate within these new programmes; please contact the various Chief Officers for more information on how to become involved. In particular, emerging researchers (ECRs) are encouraged to get involved. For more on this exciting news also have a look at the Sanap website.

If you are looking for some amazing websites for geological data to download, as well as incredible resources and GIS information have a look at the attached Standing Committee on Antarctic Geographic Information (SCAGI) report or their website or read the entry on the Sanap website here.

And finally, two new Action Groups have been approved: 1) Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity (EDI), and 2) RINGS (under the Physical and Geological groups – the objective is to make a “ring” of observations around Antarctica).

And if you are curious when the next SCAR Biennial Conference and Delegates Meetings will be held, these are scheduled for 19 – 28 August 2022 in India. The conference and meetings might be in-person, online, or use a hybrid approach.


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