The South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON) is a research platform funded by the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) and managed by the National Research Foundation (NRF). SAEON is mandated to establish and manage long-term environmental observatories; maintain reliable long-term environmental data sets; promote access to data for research and/or informed decision making; and contribute to capacity building.

This position is supported by the DSI’s South African Polar Research Infrastructure (SAPRI) programme.

Data Products and Society: In order to expand the reach of the polar sciences it is not essential for the Research Coordinator to have experience in polar science but should have experience in their field of choice. The program will facilitate training at sea, training on instrumentation, proposal writing, student supervision, strategic thinking, business planning, procurement processes etc. Although based at SAPRI hosted by the SAEON Egagasini node Research Coordinators will be expected to spend extended periods working within an institute that is involved in SAPRI.

SAEON Egagasini Node, based in Cape Town, Western Cape, are looking for individuals to become Research Coordinators (RC) as part of a Professional Development Accelerator Program.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Working with SAPRI infrastructure and collaborators to produce data
  • Analysing data and writing scientific papers
  • Writing research proposals
  • Carrying out field work/research cruises
  • Spending time at SAPRI partner institutions
  • Working with policy makers to ensure science is relevant
  • Supporting operations coordinator and SAPRI manager in areas of infrastructure management
  • Supporting the development and maintenance of the infrastructure database and support the manager with the relevant logistical support.
  • Assisting with Supply Chain Management, Bid Specification Committee and Bid Evaluation Committee meetings, budgeting and report writing
  • Providing mentorship to students in relevant SAPRI field
  • Supporting science engagement through the Egagasini node engagement team and through ALSA
  • Communicating SAPRI science on different platforms
  • Assisting with SAPRI communication materials
  • Supporting the chair of the relevant user fora
  • Assisting with additional task teams as the need arises, such as a task team on the refurbishment of the SA Agulhas II.
  • Partaking in the other relevant SAPRI panels to ensure communication
  • Assisting with all cruise planning and Antarctic work
  • Supporting technicians in instrument use and maintenance

Key Requirements:

  • Minimum MSc in related discipline and 3 years work experience or PhD
  • Evidence of exceptional performance in research within a related discipline
  • Evidence of exceptional performance in related field of work
  • Demonstrable ability and coordinating multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder teams
  • Proven ability to work with diverse and complex stakeholders and deal with conflicting needs.

Please submit your application by 14th October 2022. Apply here.


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