The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) is an international, non-profit, voluntary association of polar early career researchers and students. The aim of APECS is to improve communication amongst young polar researchers, between young and established polar researchers, as well as the international polar research community.

In 2017, a community of South African polar early career scientists recognised the value of joining and partaking in such an international network, and so, the APECS South African National Committee (APECSSA) was formed.

APECSSA is endorsed by APECS. Out Letter of Agreement can be viewed here.


APECSSA aims to encourage a connected, informed, and growing community of young South African polar researchers that leads to an active, competitive, and sustainable presence of young South African researchers among international polar research bodies.

The APECSSA mission is:

  • To facilitate improved communication between young polar researchers and available opportunities on the local and international levels.
  • To provide opportunities for skill development and transfer between young and established researchers, both locally and internationally.
  • To increase the exposure of young researchers to both local and international science practice and advancement.
  • To facilitate opportunities for interdisciplinary networking and exposure for a sustainable approach to polar research.

Organisational Structure & Code of Conduct

The roles and responsibilities of the APECSSA NC are set out in our Guidelines & Code of Conduct document.

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