Marion Revisited: Geo’s on Marion, absolute rock stars!!!

The geomorphology on the island is studied and monitored by a research project/group known as the Sub – Antarctic Landscape Climate Interactions (SALCi) which is led by Professor Werner Nel (University of Fort Hare) and Professor David William Hedding(University of South Africa). The research group has been conducting long term monitoring projects and has a plethora of research interests on Marion Island, just to mention a few....


Some insight on being on the Winter Cruise

The SA Agulhas II, our favourite Red Lady, is currently on her SCALE #WinterCruise2019 and has reached the marginal ice zone #MIZ! This is a nice sight after a few days of intense water sampling at 3 deep stations involving multiple teams. Now the ship is on its way to the 1st sampling station within … Continue reading Some insight on being on the Winter Cruise

What is SEAmester like? – an insight view

SEAmester concluded recently and again was a roaring success! So what was it like for the participants? Have a read through Tanganedzani's experience below. Photo courtesy of 'SEAmester IV was amazing, it was flames!. Life at sea was quite an experience! I learned a lot about marine science and oceanography which I knew very … Continue reading What is SEAmester like? – an insight view

15 Oct 2017 – Southern Elephant Seal Birthday on Marion Island

Today, 15 October 2017, marks yet another birthday for the Southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina) on sub-Antarctic Marion Island. Every year on this day, the sealers (working for the Marion Island Marine Mammal Programme, otherwise known as the MIMMP) have one mission: to circumnavigate the entire island in one day to count every single elephant seal hauled out on every single beach!