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For those in Cape Town and the surrounding areas this summit organized by ACCESS and to be held at National Geo-spatial Information (NGI) might be worth attending. You can still register until tomorrow and the summit is open to the media and public. Students, especially, are encouraged to attend. The summit deals with the current challenges faced by the Western Cape with regard to water usage and rainfall patterns (and their prediction/modeling) and a set of experts and authorities from the CSIR, from UCT, UP and a few other organizations have been assembled to address topics on:

  1. What drives influences winter and summer rainfall in the Western Cape typically and
  2. on the event scale?
  3. How good are the predictions, why are there conflicting predictions and what do we
  4. need to do to improve them?
  5. What are the prospects for normal, above normal or below normal rainfall this coming
  6. winter and the following winter?
  7. How many seasons of normal rain would it take to secure the Western Cape’s water
  8. supply?
  9. Can we expect drier Western Cape winters in the future?
  10. Where must it rain in the Western Cape (taking topography into account)?
  11. How serious is the water security threat in the Western Cape?
  12. What are our options for managing water supply in the Western Cape?

Details to the summit are listed below:



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