The South African Space Agency (SANSA) is looking for forward-thinking individuals to join Africa’s next generation of Earth-observation and space scientists and you can now apply for one of their postgraduate bursaries for the 2018 academic year. Closing date for applications is 31 July. Keen to know more? Visit the SANSA website to find out more about the bursary requirements and how to submit your application. Find out about SANSA Research Projects, or email for more information. Applicable fields include:

Earth Observation (Hons, MSc, PhD)
• Remote sensing
• Earth systems science with remote sensing
• Software engineering
• Systems engineering
• Geospatial programing
• Data science


Space Science (Hons, MSc, MPhil, PhD)
• Antarctic radar studies of climate change
• Multi-instrument studies of space weather
• Geomagnetically induced currents in power systems
• Multi-scale ionospheric physics, structure and dynamics
• Improvement of SANSA’s ionospheric and radio propagation model
• Theory of waves and solitons in plasma


Engineering (Hons, BTech, MEng, MTech, MSc, PhD, DTech)
Software, software systems, aeronautical, aerospace, electrical, electronic, mechatronic, mechanical, space, systems, antenna and radio frequency systems engineering


All divisions (Hons, MSc, PhD)
• Computer science and engineering
• Information systems


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