Date: 7th September

Title: Strengthening Ocean Science at the tip of Africa – SEAmester, South Africa’s Floating University

Description: SEAmester – South Africa’s Class Afloat was started by Prof Isabelle Ansorge, UCT Oceanography Head of Department, in 2016 and coordinated by Tahlia Henry. The programme was birthed in the wake of DSI’s Global Grand Challenge issued to explore platforms that “attract young researchers to the region and retain them by exciting their interest in aspects of global change; while developing their capacity and professional skills in the relevant fields of investigation”. SEAmester has fulfilled this challenge with a ship-based programme that brings together South African postgraduate students within the marine sciences from over 19+ universities to participate in a multi-disciplinary learning cruise.

Time: 13:00 (GMT) 

Registration: Please register via the following link:

Format: Virtual, on Zoom

Bio: Tahlia Henry is a trained sea-going technician with a MSc in Hydrographic Surveying obtained from Plymouth University and currently completing a second MSc in Physical Oceanography from Nelson Mandela University. Over the past 7 years she has served aboard multiple research vessels and across multiple expeditions conducting hydrographic/oceanographic research and sub-sea mooring operations. Tahlia is also the Programme Co-Ordinator for SEAmester, South Africa’s Class Afloat, working alongside Professor Isabelle Ansorge and currently works part time for the Antarctic Legacy of South Africa as a Data Specialist.


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